/ˈbɒtl / (say 'botl)

1. a portable vessel with a neck or mouth, now commonly made of glass, used for holding liquids.
2. the contents of a bottle; as much as a bottle contains: a bottle of wine.
3. a bottle with a rubber nipple from which a baby sucks milk, etc.
4. (in hospitals, etc.) a portable container with a wide tilted neck into which bed-ridden males urinate.
5. a compressed air cylinder.
6. Colloquial courage: you'll need a lot of bottle to take them on.
verb (t) (bottled, bottling)
7. to put into or seal in a bottle; to preserve (fruit or vegetables) in bottles.
8. Colloquial to knock over (someone) as though they were a bottle: bottle 'im!
9. be full bottle on, Colloquial to be fully informed on and full of enthusiasm for: to be full bottle on water conservation.
10. bottle up, to shut in or restrain closely: to bottle up one's feelings.
11. hit the bottle, Colloquial
a. to drink heavily; become an alcoholic.
b. to be on a drinking spree: they really hit the bottle the night before the wedding.
12. on the bottle,
a. Colloquial drinking alcohol heavily and habitually: *He was middle-aged, and there were signs that he was on the bottle. –hyllus maris and sonia borg, 1985.
b. Colloquial on a drinking spree; intoxicated.
c. (of babies) feeding on bottled milk (opposed to on the breast): raised on the bottle.
13. the bottle, intoxicating drink.
14. the full bottle, Colloquial an expert.
{Middle English botel, from Old French botele, from Late Latin butticula, diminutive of buttis butt4}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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